7 days of Glowforge and it quit and won't turn on at all

We got the Glowforge after a long wait for it to arrive. I have used it for 6 small simple projects. It was working fine and then tonight I went to use it and it is powered down and will not power on. The outlet works, the cord is in tightly, it just simply will not turn on. This is very frustrating for a brand new machine to quit working like this.

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The first thing I would do is check your breaker box to see if a circuit breaker was flipped.

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Hello @chelle

I’m very sorry to hear you’ve run into this trouble! I’ve just come across your email ticket and sent along some steps to try in case you’ve not checked into them already.

Please keep an eye out for that email! To keep our communication clear I’ll go ahead and close this topic and we can make sure you’re taken care of via that email thread.