7 Die Hex Case

Hello all! I’ve been lurking on the forums for a while now and have used a few of the free files posted here and thought I should share something I’ve worked on.

Here’s a 7 Die Hex Carry Case. It’s designed to be cut on any 1/8” proof grade material. With each layer properly stacked and glued together, Product will store standard 20mm D20 dice and smaller snuggly

Circles in the design are made for 12mm diameter neodymium magnets (the only size I could find at the local hardware store) In the future I plan on ordering smaller square neodymium magnets with countersunk holes and doing it that way.

The two blank hexes on the far right are the top and bottom pieces and have been left blank for custom artwork.

A few things I wish I knew about when I put my first case together:

  • Put your 2 sets of magnets together and use a sharpie to mark the side that will be glued into the slot

  • pay attention to the pull strength of whatever neodymium magnets you use and keep in mind every magnet is cumulative. I used some 5-pound magnets. 4 x 5 = 20lbs of force you have to fight to get the case apart

Fun idea for scraps:

  • You could definitely use all of the leftover hex pieces to make physical “Coins” for your D&D nights!

Dice Case - 1.1.svg.zip (32.6 KB)


I put them all in a stack and then peel off pairs, then sand the top and bottom of the double stacks. It theoretically gives the glue more to hang onto and also ensures that I can tell which side is which. Sharpie is a nice solution too.


I’ve read about people doing it that way too to help the glue adhere like you said. I just mark it to help my easily distracted brain not mess up in the assembly process haha.


Great write up and a nice design. I look forward to playing with magnets to secure things.


Thank you very much! Rare earth magnets are super fun to incorporate into a project!

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Welcome! Thank you for the write up and sharing your project.


Great design!
I thought is was a headline from one of those rags at the grocery counter “7 die in hex case”


I like the way you rounded the corners! It’s a nice change from the standard finger joint look.


Very cool!


Very nice! Thank you!

I’ve yet to try a project with magnets … bought some, of course! I appreciate your magnet tip … as well as @evansd2 !


You might be interested in this:

Put to use here:

Works well with dice box projects.