7 mil Mylar stencil cut settings

I thought i had posted these settings in the past but couldn’t find them, so here they are:

speed 300
power 25
1 pass
Use set focus. If you can’t for some reason, use material height 0.07


Just curious, how much curling do you get? I cut some 10 mil mylar and it no longer lays flat. It’s not potato chip bad, but it just lifts in places and makes it difficult to get a clear register.

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When I did 10 mil previously, I laid it on a piece of copy paper. Speed 300, Power 25. I didn’t have any curling, but perhaps the material varies.


Thanks! I have a stack of 7 mil that I’ve been wanting to cut into stencils. Does it fly around?


I got my stencil material from @smcgathyfay about five years ago. She is a professional airbrush artist and used the material to make airbrush stencils. The particular material she sent me had a treatment that made it better for laser cutting but I don’t remember in what way. It does not curl and it cuts very cleanly without pilled up edges. Unfortunately she hasn’t been seen on the forum for years, so I don’t know what I’ll do when I run out of it.


I stick it down to the crumb tray with very tiny neodymium magnets, with a piece of card stock behind it to improve visibility and reduce flashback. I rarely see flying bits with the 7 mil, and never with the 10 mil.


Thanks for posting this! I have a bunch to cut. Might need to use 10 mil though, want them to last for tracing.


Click on her name and she has an ETSY store, from there you can contact her. :blush: