8x15 engraved tile plaque

Made this engraved tile plaque for my father for christmas.


The photo turned out beautifully! I hope he loves it!


Thank you. I hope so too!

You get full points just because it’s a corvette project. :smiley:


Thank you :sunglasses:

Fantastic and I can pronounce Schuylkill properly :slight_smile:

Spent all my summers in Pottsville literally, school ends off to Pottsville, a week before school starts back to Md.

Yeungling! Yeah!

Was born in Allentown…


Thank you. Wow small world. Born and raised in schuylkill haven. Joined the military retired and now live in NC. Nothing like Yeungling!

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Wow, He should be impressed.

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Thank you .

It looks amazing, he will love it!

Thank you.

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So lovely! He’s going to love it.

Thank you

Do they still sell this? I thought Anakin killed them all?


They sure do and still are family owned. Yuengling


Is this just regular ceramic tile? That lettering looks fantastic! Very deep and defined.

(The photo looks awesome, too, but the lettering caught my eye, because I have tried to do something like that and it didn’t turn out that nice.)

Yes. tile came from lowes got it for about $1.89 ea.

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Wow, looks great! How did you manage to get the photo like that?

Thank you…Used Gimp. Made it grayscale and just adjusted the brightness and the contrast then the same with the shadow and highlights. Just ran test and adjusted it until I was happy with it.

How did you color it I guess is my real question. I always just use a sharpie to color in tiles after I engrave them