A box for a Multimeter (aka why I love my laser)

I’ve said this before, but I love the fact that, because I have a Glowforge, I can just quickly make something useful (and professional looking to boot).
I bought a new multimeter but came in that, impossible to open, and can’t be saved, clamshell plastic package. So now I have a nice new meter and probe wires but no good way to store it. Glowforge to the rescue! With Inkscape, Laser and a few woodworking tools I have a nice box to keep everything together.

I was on the fence about engraving anything on the cover but a quick google search of the brand brought up a nice image of their logo, so why not? :slight_smile:

Oh, and there is one more new thing in my shop. Our company installed a new surgery light for a local veterinarian, and can you believe they just wanted to throw away the old fixture? Well I couldn’t let that happen. :slight_smile:

It’s over my assembly bench but reaches far enough to light most of my shop tools!

And it lights my projects nicely for photographs.



That light, man. Wow.

The box is good too, of course. You use a generator to make it or just hardstyle by hand?

What is the method for the lid slot? Hard to tell, maybe just butt-joint glued on top? I’ve never really liked any of the methods I’ve tried, including a cut slot and layering.


holy crap that light. i’m very jealous, my task light is lame comparatively.


I used the box generator in the Inkscape extensions to make the box, but that generator doesn’t make dividers, so I copied one of the sides, cut it down and modified the slots to match.
I like TabbedBoxMaker but I couldn’t get it to work with the latest version of Inscape.

I just cut a slot the thickness of the cover with my table saw for a simple sliding cover. If you have a table saw it the easiest solution. I do wish I planned the topmost tabs better for the cover. They are not the most elegant, but I figured it’s just tool storage. Also, I cut the top too short so instead of making a new one (I would have had to resaw more material out of the rough lumber). I just glued a short piece at the top of the slot. Again just tool storage.



Awesome, great result!

I hereby demand humbly request an EE thread about your woodshop. Resawing and a drum sander is the holy grail of hardwood laser projects.


It is cool, but slightly creepy too. It seems like something Hannibal Lecter would have installed in his “workshop”. :slight_smile:


Yes, I wouldn’t want to laser without them now that I have them. I have a Laguna Bandsaw and a SuperMax Drum Sander. I bought them both after I got the Glowforge. I had an old Craftsman Bandsaw but it wouldn’t resaw so I upgraded the bandsaw and then of course a drum sander followed pretty quickly (like right away). Now I make my own material nearly every time I build something.
Besides those two tools, I have a pretty complete woodshop that I’ve collected over the years (i.e. Table saw, Miter Saw, Drill press, Lathe, Belt sander, Jointer…)

Oh, FYI the box is Soft Maple.


The box turned out fantastic, and what a score on getting that light! Jealousy rears its ugly head! :joy:

Last year we bought my husband a Laguna Bandsaw. He does have a table saw, miter saw, drill press, jointer, belt sander, but no drum sander, although he has several other types besides the standard belt. I hadn’t thought about having him make me some woods. I do have some nice hardwood from a manufacturing plant in town that they gave me for free, most of which is in fairly large blocks, but also several “slats” that are 1/4". Hmmm…


That turned out great. I too and jealous of that light.


This is the way.



That box is gorgeous - it looks like what you’d get if you were buying the special 20th anniversary version of the multimeter :smiley:

Add me to the jealous of your light grouping too :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t set it up yet, but I have a ridiculously bright LED (like 200W) light that had been installed in my kitchen but we switched that out for some more normally bright lights. I can’t wait to get it up there!



So, let’s face it…. We’re more impressed by the LIGHT!
It is a nice box too…


Ha ha! :smiley: . A couple weeks ago when I was hanging it, I was going to give it it’s own post. Then I forgot.


That box is stylin’!

Congrats on the lamp score.

I occasionally think about trying to put light panels on ceiling-mounted arms to get light stands off the floor.

I am using that with the latest version of Inkscape (on Mac), as recently as this past weekend.


We have the oblong one just like that that we moved out to the wood cutting shed!


Huh, I’ll have to work on it again. I like the options in Tabbed Box Maker. I have PC but I’m thinking I must have been doing something wrong.


Here is a photo of it all tucked up against the ceiling. You may recognized something else in this photo. :smiley:


Love it!!


Besides your glowforge?


when i moved into this house, my (not particularly nicely) finished cape cod attic had a double fluorescent tube light fixture (36" tubes) on one end, which is where my office is now. and i put two wonderful daylight tubes in it, which is wonderful for working. and between that, two skylights, a ring light, and a window, i can get it pretty bright in here.

but sometimes you just need a very direct task light for detail work. and that medical light is killer.