A Cardboard Castle using Free Tools =)

The cardboard globe in the kickstarter was my inspiration. Using Free Tools is my passion.


Another great share. (Shifted to the Tutorials section.) :grinning:

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That’s a cute castle! Now make one big enough for a cat. :laughing:


Ha! That would be super cool!

This is fantastic! Wonderful work. The globe was a Fusion 360 project cut into layers with Slicer, if you’re curious. That’s a great technique to use with TinkerCAD.

One thing you might have noticed about cardboard from the globe project that’s kind of fun: if you align the corrugations, it becomes almost see-through from the right angle. I was trying to explain to the director how this was going to look when he turned it so the lightbulb shined towards the camera and he didn’t really get it. Then he got behind the camera, the actress turned the globe, and his face lit up literally and metaphorically. :slight_smile:


Great video and project.

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Thanks for the note! I need to try to make something using the lights inside idea. I have a ton of arduino stuff in here. My second cardboard castle had a flare up and now my x-carriage belt is frayed. I contacted support and have one one the way. Will be sweet to get back at it and see where it takes me. =)

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