A Cardboard Phone Stand using TinkerCAD

A challenge lesson for my students, but I will share with you as well. It is simple idea for a phone/tablet stand to be created on the Glowforge. It is using TinkerCAD since it runs on our Chromebooks. I will whip up a Inkscape video as well, but my students cannot access that via their Chromebooks so it was 2nd on my list. =)

The end game is for the students to also come up with cut outs that make their cardboard creations a little more personal as well as functional. As a teacher I am digging that we can work with cardboard which is free from the cafeteria here. In the end, if someone whips up a epic design we can make it out of more robust materials.


There are a number of phone stands here in the free laser design category. Might spark some creative ideas as well.

Thanks. The kiddos do not have Glowforge accts, so I would have to find a work around for that.

After using it in class today, I see there is a big bonus to having a few of these cut out so they can handle them and feel the flaws. I only had 1 copy ready for playing with…

Once they were armed with a ruler and a original, the ball really got rolling.


Such a great idea and I love that they get to both improve and personalize it.

I get that you probably have zero need for it, but just in the off chance it could be useful, feel free to use my phone stand design. I created little tabs to hold it together that could use improvement and/or modification. I used the same tabs to make boxes as well as well.



That is awesome. I really like the idea of the tabs poking through. You also got me thinking about how they can cut out separate ornamental parts that we can simple glue to our stands… So much room for them to adjust and push the limits of their designs! Thanks tons for the note and design ideas!


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