A custom bookmark

My wife asked if I could make something for a Valentines swap for her local quilt guild. I remembered these cards of wood bookmarks I picked up a while ago that were just sitting on the shelf, that I had not worked with for a while. They really do have a quality product - I have the bookmarks, business and post cards in a variety of woods. Dug around on the web for a nice quote and then a sewing machine image, stirred in the guild logo and…

settings: 500/20% 225 dpi
That engrave setting goes about 1/2 way though this wood (birch I think), is a bit light on the some of the harder woods that I have used up to 30%.


Thanks for the settings, I’ve moved this to Beyond the Manual so Glowforge’s lawyers are happy.

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Very nice! (And she can use the Glowforge to cut her quilting shapes down the road - it works very well on the light quilting cottons - I made a quilt block with it using the Glowforge to cut the shapes with the allowances already included.)


Great idea for the group!

Hi @Jules
Interestingly one of the arguments that was made when we first joined the early offer was quilting related. But projects she tends to do work better cutting with a hand rotary cutter as they tend to be strip based, so I have not invested the time to play with cloth. She has purchased a few laser cut kits in the past and tells me that there are certain patterns - like the Storm at Sea that it makes sense to do the setup and cutting for a large quilt (in particular the diamonds and triangles are fussy to hand cut). Hawaiian Applique patterns are another candidate. So hopefully will be posting a result later this year.


Great, looking forward to seeing them.

Your bookmark is perfect! I’ll bet they are very pleased with them.

Nice design and practical project - win win!