Quilt Block Key Holder



This one uses half inch thick foam core and fabric to create a faux quilt effect.
(For those of us who aren’t crazy about sewing.) :smile:

And during the construction phase:

Lasering Thick Foamcore
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 3, 2017

I sure like your pattern. :grin:


Thanks…there’s a name for it that escapes me at the moment…it’s a standard quilting pattern though.:smile:


Love it! Did you glue the foam core w/ fabric to wood? or more foam core? Also what hanger did you use? a picture frame hook or a nail eye slot? Just curious because this looks fantastic!


Oh, thanks! It’s just a fabric covered piece of foam core. There are slits lasered in a pattern on the foam core, not enough to cut all the way through, just enough to break the surface paper and eat away at the foam inside.

The fabric shapes are cut again, slightly larger, and tucked into the cuts using a sharp blade to tuck it tight. (Trying to use the actual characteristics of the lasered foam to advantage.)

The result is very secure. No sewing, no gluing. (Well, I did secure the hooks with a little hot-glue, since those will be under stress.)


Your taking advantage of the foam cores unique characteristics like this is so ingenious.


Very clever!


Great idea, and execution!


Awesome!! Looks beautiful. Love the idea.


Oh! Oh! Oh! I know what that is! Can’t remember what they call that but I tried that (and gave up on it) years ago, when we had to cut the channels with Xacto knives. Genius idea to use the laser–I will have to try it! Awesome project.


Do this next…lol


Even better…I used the laser to cut the fabric parts as well. (Really cut down on the time spent tucking, because I was able to pre-bevel the corners on all those points. Super quick!)

One i did the hard way…

If I had seen that one, it would have been the one that I did! :smile:
(I went looking for a quick one for the demo.)


Oh wow!!! And you still have all your fingers? That is very advanced, I never tried anything that complex (and I still gave up). Just beautiful!


Fantastic work. I thought you had cut the pieces out and wrapped them. This method is ingenious and gives a better finish. Really love the fish.

Now I have to add fabric scraps to my growing stash of supplies.


Get… out! That looks fantastic! So creative!


Damn girl…thats spectacular!! :heart_eyes:


Wow! Awesome! It never even occurred to me to try something like that. I love it!


awesome work as always. That is so cool that you didn’t wrap it but cut the slits.

Did you laser cut the fabric? I’ve been playing with the laser cutting on fabric (the silicone dipped mesh) and it’s been very challenging. If you cut these they are fantastically clean.


Thanks. Yep, I did laser cut the fabric, and it’s nice because that thin cotton tends to unravel a bit at the edges…but not so much when it’s lasered.

It’s so thin though that it gets blown around by the air assist. I had the fabric taped down at all edges (very important to keep it from blowing up and getting in the way of the beam.)

And to keep the little bits from blowing out, I had run double sided adhesive tape across the back of the fabric a few times. Kept the cut bits stuck down.


Cotton fabric cuts great and seals enough to keep from freying. I’ve cut several layers at a time with my 30 wt…