A dead horse? (international shipping costs)

I suppose I am flogging a dead horse here, but after more that two years I’ve checked the shop again, especially after I’ve heard rumours of a European base of operations.

Ladies and Gentlemen - this is what taking the p*ss looks like! I can only assume this covers a good part of the flight ticket of the guy who brings it directly to my door…

Aaanyway, back to work…


Pretty sure it was a different URL for EU…digging.

Ah yeah - different, but it looks like it auto-forwards but maybe worth clicking?
shop.glowforge.com 24

(from International Shipping Latest)


It auto selects based on location. I used a VPN service briefly and browsing from the UK gave prices in £ not $, even though the shop URL was the same.

I deleted that plugin so I can’t verify that is still the case, but it looks like US prices to ship outside the US.

Local DNS over-rides URL. It’s BBC.com, for example, in the US or the UK, but when I’m in the UK, I can access content that is not available here.


I suspect that a different url might be better on prices but I think that the per sheet shipping on 30 sheets would be less even if it was a range of different stuff. I do think it is horse soup by now, especially with the mess shipping has become.