A different kind of apple for the teacher


Apparantly baby jesus sent thoughts of apples out into the cosmos this morning…



Looks tasty! Make mine a la mode! :grinning:


A Windows logo on an Apple. Steve Jobs must be spinning in his grave. :slight_smile:


That must be my Mac Mini BootCamp to Windows…


Proofgrade? Does it smell like baked apples? Inquiring minds want to know.


I believe most of the baked apple smell is the spice rather than the apple. It actually is more brown from oxidation rather than the laser. Next up a 3D model of Steve jobs head, recreated with apple slices! Fancy!


I feel so conflicted by this post.


People have been putting Apple stickers on windows for years… :smiley:


So really, what did this smell like?

The masses want to know…


It’s the end of a long day and week. These images make my mind hole hurt.


It smelled of apple. hahah. I did a follow up where I cut it into pretty shapes which smelled of death and sulfur. The engrave left little to no smell though.