A dumb little Phish coaster project

I wanted to make a gift for my nephew who likes the band Phish. I don’t know much about the band so I searched the internet for inspirational quotes that I could put on a wall hanging or something. I couldn’t find anything inspirational but quicking discovered that they have very weird lyrics. So I present a set of wooden coasters of Phish lyrics. :slight_smile:

I had some really great spalted ash that now I wish I kept for myself. :slight_smile: They look better in person.

Thanks for reading



Those are beautiful! (How badly do you think he wants them?) :wink:


Wow, tha wood is nice! Great choice and great work!


Those turned out great. I’m sure he’ll love them!


I hoard my spalted woods and only use them for special projects. They’re gonna love them.


:smiley: Now that they have the music quotes engraved on them, I’m ok with giving them away.


I have a horrible habit of going to my favorite lumber yard and buying cool pieces of wood that I have no idea how to use, just because I can’t not buy them.

(Just between you and me, the spalted ash is off a 10" X 8’, 4/4 rough sawn board, and I didn’t use the best section. :slight_smile: )


So are you resawing your own thin stock now?

Yeah, I bought a band saw (Laguna 14/12). I set it up with a 1" carbide re-saw blade (Laguna Resaw King) and I have a surface drum sander. They were the best purchases ever.


Oh man, you do it right. I don’t have the space for that kind of rig.

What grit do you take it to on the drum sander?

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I used 80, 120 and 220. Depending on the wood and project I may progress up the grits. It’s pretty easy and fast to switch grits on the drum. 220 grit is generally sufficient for laser projects.

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I’ve always heard that the higher grits in drum sanders really load up quickly and that you can go through media pretty quickly. True?

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It really depends on the wood. oak, that ash and hard cherry are easy on the paper. You can’t be too aggressive with walnut but Padauk will screw up a drum if you just set it near the sander :).

If you are careful, don’t sand too much glue, work up the grits, and use the higher grits just to finish the surface (not change the dimension of the wood too much) you can make the sandpaper last a long time.
When I get lazy (don’t change grits) or impatient (cut too much at once/too fast) I will screw up a piece of sandpaper, or worse burn a streak in my project.


What model of drum sander do you have? That’s been on my wish list for a while now.

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I bought the SuperMax - 16-32 Drum Sander a few years ago. I’m very happy with it. It’s easy to change paper, has a lever to make big thickness changes for initial setting and a digital thickness reading that works pretty well (but I noticed last night I should re-zero it because it’s off by a little bit).
Oh, and I buy sandpaper rolls in bulk on amazon and cut my own.


I just got an orbital sander last month, for processing some ply I have had for while. I have loved it so much I already want a bigger one. But I will make due with this little handheld one for now… I guess…

(…also wishes he had a enough room for your setup!)


I have a stack of such beautiful and exotic wood waiting for a design worthy of the wood. There is Chakte Viga, Katalox, Chechen, Monkeypod, Koa, real Ebony, and several others.
Looking for Black Locust but have not found it.


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Those look great, Terry! Love the wood you used.


the coasters look great.

i’m also jealous of the space to have those tools.

we’ve been looking at renovating. but with renovation costs and any decent contractor being 12-18 months out to start. and with what we want to do being expensive and probably going to take a long time, i’m now in the process of trying to convince my wife to just move into a house that’s already renovated and maybe has a bit more space (and a driveway, maybe garage, neither of which we have now). so maybe some day i’ll be able to have space to add some woodworking tools. and a bandsaw / drum sander combo would be near the top of my list.