A fun description


This was from back in April, when Dan was asked how he described the Glowforge to people. I had saved it with myriads of other stuff and just thought it would be fun to bring this up again.


Such a good way to explain it! But oh the humanity!! Papyrus font? my eyes!! :wink:


Hilarious font humor. Chuckled outloud. I’ve been into computer graphics since the late 1980s. There have been many papyrii (that’s the plural of papyrus I believe) font.:yum::wink:


I take it you dislike Papyrus font?


I happen to like it, but if it’s offensive to those who have been doing this longer than I, I would be happy to change it. :wink:


I can’t speak for Jeremy, but being in the graphic arts field for about 30 years now, “font humor” is a real thing🤓
No offense intended😉


Naw.…it makes a nice change once in a while. :slight_smile:


Thank goodness it wasnt comic sans…lmao


Well, that might have been my next move…:smile:


So why does everyone hate Comic Sans? :slight_smile:


Its just over used…


I like it. I like it at work especially because there seems to be a taboo.


I’m probably guilty of over-use as well - it gets used on many of the company flyers for various fishing and shooting events. :smile:


Always reminds me of this.


Might want to proof the last name :slight_smile:


But we are a lemonade stand. ROFL! :wink:


Well, I’ve certainly learned MY lesson, here. Don’t mess with fonts…just KISS, right? :neutral_face:


I like papyrus. I used it for the headers in my cookbook. But it definitely is one of those secret handshake things for graphic artists. Meaning, if you use it, you aren’t a graphic artist. I think it is the typographical equavalent of “it was a dark and stormy night”. It is too bad that we have these code things hanging around designing with computers. Some things are accepted as “tells” that you supposedly aren’t a professional. So real carpenters don’t use Kregg jigged and screwed butt joints. And if you really are an audiophile, you have vacuum tubes (valves for those folks on the other side of the pond) and vinyl records.

And no matter what my nieces and nephews say to me, I’ll wear socks with my sandals!

I think about this a lot. Wait till you see my next tutorial. I wonder what folks will say about my font choice!

I think you get a pass, @Xabbess. It’s a beautiful sentiment!


Haha, no need to redo it!! :slight_smile: I actually don’t mind it for quotes… (well if its for something thats old)

Didn’t mean to throw you under the bus. :stuck_out_tongue: