A functional cardboard construct

I found myself pondering a design the other morning as I was cleaning up after one of the cats that would help organize the litter scoop. I figure if I made it out of cardboard I could just recycle it every month or so if it gets dirty. So, I spent a few minutes drawing it out on paper, then took some general measurements and set to work in Illustrator. A short time later I had a little scooper box.

I ended up using some wood glue on the seams to make it a bit more rigid and sturdy. One of the things I’ve found in using corrugated cardboard is that boxes come in a lot of different thicknesses of the stuff. So, as a result, a slot that worked great on one, doesn’t work as well on another. In these cases, wood glue works great :slight_smile:

The design worked pretty well the first time, only a few slight modifications to the mounting slot that I had to enlarge with some scissors and add another notch.


Great idea. Anything that makes all that amazon packing useful gets a like from me!


very cool, where we keep our litter scoop it tend to fall back behind our dryer. very practical. Love it!


Great litter scoop organizer! I am about to become your best friend:

This - with clumping cat litter - is a genuine life saver:

You roll it to the right, thump the bottom, roll it to the left, and pull out the kitty waste in the little tray for disposal. No treasure hunts. (Look at all of the pics they show for the method.)

Couldn’t have cats without it. (Oh and they have a larger model for about 10$ more for multiple cat households.)


I love you.


I have the same one! It’s amazing. :heart_eyes_cat:


Great build!
Will be making that one for sure


Now that’s the kind of thinking I’m hoping having a laser engrave will lead to. That’s a solution I didn’t know I needed until I saw it. Now I don’t know how we have gotten by this long without it.

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Functional cardboard uses!!! I love it, I hope to see more and invent some myself when I get mine!


Bookmarked! I totally need to make one of these. I never have a good place to store our scoop.