Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 25th, 2017



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Weekly Highlights for Week Ending March 18th, 2017

The Official Word

Glowforge® Logo and Brand Usage Guidelines

Does the Glowforge unit have sensors that tell you if the exhaust port is blocked?

Can you give us an estimate on how many people are likely to get bumped up in line?

Can the fan be made to run for some time after a job completes to keep the smell down when the lid is lifted?

Is MDF laser compatible?

Kickin’ Creations GF Style

How Can I Be So Thick - Part Deux

1/4" Cast Acrylic Cuts

Manual Rotary Indexer

Shadowbox for Acrylic Display

Functional Cardboard Construction

Putting Fold Lines into Origami Paper - Test Run

https://community.glowforge.com/t/perforating-origami-paper-for-folding-test-run/6586?u=jules&source_topic_id=6680 https://community.glowforge.com/t/perforating-origami-paper-for-folding-test-run/6586/17?u=jules&source_topic_id=6680

Scroll Saw Bowl Reincarnated

Batch Production with a Jig


High Flyers

Leather Wallet

Micro Millenium Falcon

Hanging Around

Modern Housewarming Gift

Depth Map Tutorial for 3D Engraving

Fantastical Finds from the Forum

DIY Rhino

Alien T-Rex

All A’board


Topological Maps Sources


School Campus Project

Awesome Warning

Laser Cuttable PC Case Idea?

Nutella Lock

Shared Icon Files

Fusion 360 Webinar Series

Fusion 360 Post Processing

Hydraulic Robot Arm

Layered Lamps

Interesting Optical Illusions

Shadowbox Display


Deck Boxes

Paper Scale Models - Space Shuttle

Headgehog Inspiration

Compact Dice Tower

Another Glowbaby joins the fold! Congrats @morganstanfield & Jerome!

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 1st, 2017

Okay… Crazy amount of work going into this it seems! Thanks for doing it!


Indeed, thanks @Jules! It’s nice to get a concise list of laser related tid bits every week :slight_smile:


Great summary as usual @Jules

I would also add this link to USGS Maps besides the ones available thru National Geographic.


This link was posted by @GenieSoul and was inside the link by @snookted

The USGS link includes vector layers of the quad maps which increases the usefulness in laser work.


As always so much inspiration, knowledge, and “^&*! how did I miss that?” in this compilation.

Thank you very much @Jules



I completely missed the mendala lamp. Thanks @Jules for your dedication to the highlights.