A gift while your Glowforge is being made


Yeah, my corporate spam filter almost got it - but I’ve got a habit of checking it because sometimes customer emails (bugs, test files, etc.) get stuck in there. (I just hope my coworkers who bought a glowforge also checked their spam filter)


Drives us nuts that we can’t get the mail through to everyone! But we’ve got the spam rates down pretty far - about 2/3 of our mail gets opened, and as best we can tell. >99% gets delivered, which is pretty good overall.

If your friend bought two, he should be able to set you up - have him email support@ if there are any problems.

The ebook version is kindle compatible, but if you want it from the kindle store, you can buy it directly from Amazon, too. I believe it’s on sale right now to boot.


Thank you for the book. I look forward to reading it. Maybe it will take my mind off the Glow. This is going to be a great adventure. I am glad to be a part of it. Merry Christmas to you and your family at home and work.


i did not receive the mail, why?


The most likely reason you did not receive the email is that your spam filter blocked it. Another possible explanation is that the email the company has on file for you is incorrect. I believe you can confirm that by checking your preferences on this forum. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the window and then click on the gear icon. Ensure the email address shown there is correct. If not, send an email to support@glowforge.com letting them know. If that is correct, the issue is most likely a spam filter. @dan has stated that they have had problems with their outgoing emails getting blocked.


I’m going to make a living hinge book cover for mine when i receive it. Thanks again Dan.


Awesome, Thank you @dan and the GlowForge Team. I look forward to having something good to read while I wait for my GlowForge.


So how do I get it? P.S. That is very nice of you, and since I am starting my own business I think that will help me a lot. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Did you get the email from @dan with the link to the download and instructions on December 23? If not, you might email @bailey explaining you missed out and are interested in the book. It’s well-written and has some good points for whatever line of work you are in. I especially liked the insistence on the values proposition and refocus always on that core identity statement.



We would love a copy of your book while we wait for our Glowforge!


Wow. Just powered through my gift.
As a CEO/founder now on my second game company, I am often asked to suggest practical guides on two things: game design, and being a CEO/starting a company.
For a guide on the former I direct people to Jesse Schell’s “The Art of Game Design”,
and now for the latter I will be recommending “Hot Seat”.
Thank you @dan and everyone at team GlowForge for the great gift- Happy Holidays!


Thanks so much @PDWarne and glad you enjoyed it! “The Art of Game Design” is a great book and I’m honored to be mentioned in such august company. (I read it after making Robot Turtles as a sort of ‘ok, how do people normally do this?’).


Nerding out, I would just like to take a moment to tell you how much I love the graphic used here #layersrock. Looking forward to the book, of course, but thumbs up to the creatives!


Thank you! We have a “making of” video I never got around to sharing - stay tuned!


Any idea when the hard copy will arrive?


Books are going to be sent this month - I don’t know the exact date.


Hello dan,

I have submitted my request for the ebook but until now I have not received my link to download the ebook. Any chance you know why?



Oops! That should have gone out immediately - email support@glowforge.com for help there.


Hoping to get one of your machines, and that book you promised sooner rather than later since I wanted to use it to help me with my Start-Up. :slight_smile: Also applied for both your BETA program and applied to work for you, and Kira/Bailey should know me. My name is Erin Oliva, and I believe you have my resume “on file,” as a UI applicant.


Dan is it to late to get the ebook now? I could not get mine while it was being gifted and I sent a email about it. Anyway to help with this?

Connie P

PS impatiently awaiting my Glowforge!! :stuck_out_tongue: