A gift while your Glowforge is being made



If you were a Glowforge owner as of Dec 24 and requested a book, you’ve almost certainly received it already. In the unlikely event that you haven’t, you can email support@glowforge.com.

We sent this email out this morning - I’m including it here in case people want to discuss! Now with bonus animated action GIF holiday card. :wink:

I wish I could ship a Glowforge to you right now for the holidays. As the beta units start rolling out, it feels so close! But your Glowforge isn’t perfect yet, and we’re not going to send it to you until we’re sure you’ll love it when we ship. (We’re on schedule for next year!) But I can send you something right away.

Last year I finished writing a book, “Hot Seat”, about startup companies. It’s published by O’Reilly, and it’s very important to me. It’s a compendium of dozens of stories of startups, from huge successes to terrible failures. It has the story of every company I’ve started, up to and including the founding of Glowforge. But O’Reilly decided to price it for senior executives - $29.99 for a paperback! - so most people won’t be able to read it.

I’d really like you to have it.

As a Glowforge owner, you are now a part of this story. Startup companies are about believing in something that doesn’t exist yet, and making them real. Your belief in Glowforge has made this product real. Please accept this book, as a gift from me to you.

Click this link before Jan 1 so I can send you your free book. (link removed since this is publicly viewable - if you need the link, email support@glowforge.com)

Thank you for being a Glowforge owner! (And if you have any questions, be sure to check out community.glowforge.com, where there’s incredible laser information and advice being added every day).

  • dan

Running 3 companies of my own at the moment - looking forward to your sage advice!


@dan thanks so much for the bonus, and as someone who already has a copy, thanks even more for offering to “make a donation to a library in my honor.”!
(we love libraries more than owning books!)


Super awesome. I have been curious about the book, but lately only manage to finish audiobooks. Everything else is skimmed for immediate use, or tossed on an ever growing “When I retire” pile.

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I’m an audio-book fiend myself, but I did manage to actually read this one. I hope you do too! :smile:

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I would love that option!

Thank you for the book.
Happy Holidays!
Looking forward to 2016.


@dan thank you for donating. Ill go buy myself the book as a holiday gift.


Thank you, @Dan! Happy Holidays to all of you as well!


Merry Christmas Dan. Many thanks for your thoughtful gift.

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This is a great gift. I’ve been wanting to purchase this book. I wrote Dan about the possibility of both the ebook version and the print version. I love to have an ebook for those times when I am on the go, but I love to have a paper copy so that I can insert notes in stick tabs in the book for quick reference.

I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth and I am happy with the print version I requested. But it would be nice to have both.


Unfortunately we only budgeted for one copy per person - believe it or not, even though I wrote the darn thing, we have to pay the publisher for each ebook. :smile:

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Thank you so much for the book! Looking forward to reading it!

Thanks for posting here! For some reason I only seem to get a select few of emails from you guys, and never got this one.
Edit - That GIF is pretty awesome BTW!

Thanks for the gift, Happy Holidays to everyone !

Thanks @shronimo! Spam filters eat a decent chunk of our email, so it’s always good to keep an eye here just in case. : )

Yep, already checked, and nothing there either. Not sure where they are going…I think I’ve only got about two emails from glowforge…ever. But I’m always reading around here anyways, so I see most stuff.

@shronimo: There haven’t been very many emails from Glowforge. They prefer to communicate via the forum. Not including Order confirmation emails, I’ve seen 5 total in 3 months. 26 Sept, 21 Oct, 23 Oct, 12 Dec, 23 Dec. If you ordered late you may not have missed as many as you think.

Hmm, ok. I am an early one, just don’t speak much in forums…I’m a lurker :slight_smile: I guess I haven’t missed many then…but I know this one for sure. Oh well, I’m not too concerned about it. Merry Christmas! :smiley:

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I would love a copy of the book, but i’m not sure i qualify since the GF is a gift to me from a friend who also got themselves one… But I have no problems getting a copy myself. :smiley: Do you have it in Kindle format?