A good table for my GlowForge

So, my Glowforge finally arrived. After I fainted and regained consciousness, I dragged it into my apartment. And now, I need a table that’s sturdy enough, has drawers for storing materials, and it’s just about the size of the Glowforge itself, because I have limited room in my one bedroom apartment.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!


You might want to set it flat with the correct side up to let the coolant settle while you’re shopping for a table.

You may be interested in this thread:


A search for ‘glowforge table’ will get you more reading.

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Thanks y’all! I definitely set it down flat the moment after it was in my apartment. Damn those delivery folks. :wink:


Chuckle! Congrats! :smile:


I’m in an apartment too. I ended up just sacrificing any ability to host any guests comfortably and turned what little space I had into a workshop… I regret nothing. lol FORGE ON!!


My standard and admittedly mostly-unhelpful reply: Build One! I have plans to attack that after the work table, and 4 storage shelves, and extra appliance shelf I need to build. But I have finished two work benches and a work table, so I’m getting there…

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I’m using a large metal flat file… they are fairly expensive new but with many industries moving away from paper drafting they can often be found for a bargain on Craigslist.



Love my Dewalt Cart! Now… all I need is a glowforge…


We have a flat file as half the base of our guest bed – love that thing. Do you find the top study enough for the glowforge?

I went the non-industrial route and got this off Amazon. It’s surprisingly sturdy!

It goes on sale, so I think I got it for ~$195 or so.

Home Styles 5216-95 Solid Wood Top Kitchen Cart, Natural Finish


Easily sturdy enough. No perceptible movement when the GF is in use.

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Very nice. Much better for upstairs use (mine’s in the basement so it’s on a Husky 46" 9-drawer Tool Chest).

I too went with the Husky tool box option. I found mine at the Home Depot on sale and just before they were going to ship the three in stock to another store for $200 even before taxes. They even helped me load it into my truck.

Me too. I swapped out the two fixed wheels for two more locking swivel castering wheels though. I have a Pro and that makes it easier to pivot it so the rear pass through is accessible.

The pro was the only choice I didn’t need to think twice about expecially here in Florida. Now just waiting to get the pass through auto align working and receive my passthrough covers at the very least then get the filter for some of the fairs I plan to setup at.

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I’d love one…but I don’t know if my apartment floor can take the weight of the Husky table AND the GlowForge. Bah…:confused:

If it’s remotely modern it should. You’re spreading that weight over 4 wheels and 8 SQ feet. I have relatives who put more weight per square foot standing in the house :wink:

It’s about 300 pounds total I think.

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Well, the GF is about 55 LBS, and the Air Filter is another 25 LBS. So…about 80 LBS total?

Plus the 100lbs of the Husky cart and another hundred of stuff in the drawers :grinning: