A group of poker chips

Someone had a poker chip on here, so thought I’d try a few. The SVG contains 3 designs, with the numbers to choose your denomination.
all chip designs
They work pretty good on most wood. Acrylic is decent.

This is the first part of a set i’m designing which will be a box to hold 500 & 1000 chips. Once that is done, I’ll post on here as well .

Added a 4th chip and a dealer button.
all chip designs

Added a steampunk style chip.
all chip designs


Those look great, thanks!


no problem :slight_smile:

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Just what I was looking for! Thanks!

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As i update designs, i’ll update the file. been a busy weekend :slight_smile:


You are making good use of your Glowforge! Thank you for sharing your file!

Well right now, i’m just making good use of my illustrator to kill time. Right now my wife is using up the glowforge. haha


So I’m kinda new here. Lol. Where do I get the design to download them? Sorry

The design is right in the description. At the bottom of the text where you see the image of the 4 poker chips, right click on it and choose “save image as”


Okay. Thank you for your help

no problem.

Is there a link to download? some of the free designs have no link? how do you download?

Right click on the design and save it.

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Thank you

In Chrome. Doesn’t work in all browsers :slightly_frowning_face: Although the new Chrome-based Edge should - just haven’t bothered trying

Bravo tres joli , bon travail …

Merci beaucoup.

I really appreciate you posting these! My first project is gonna be a set of poker chips for my neighborhood watering hole. I cant wait for my delivery! Lol

They are a ton of fun, i’m currently making custom ones to go with cards i’m having printed.


I’m not the smartest but why does it cut out the numbers on two of them? They are beautiful though. I want to change the settings so they don’t cut apart but I can’t figure it out. Some are grouped together that I want to do different things. Any help would be so appreciated