A little Gobble for Thanksgiving

A fiddled with and modified svg for some quickie decoration. On Medium Maple :proofgrade:.

turkey table toppers


Awesome share! :sunglasses::+1:

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Why thank you! Will use this as an after dinner demo! Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Pro came Friday, I was taking care of our 3 yr. old grandson, and 3 mo. old granddaughter. Package had four handles, but, a good tear and dings. Decided all was well, and we accepted it.

After it was just my husband and I … we set it all up, cut the ruler, and the Good Measure key chain. Realized I was coming down with the flu. So, almost a week later … without any play time.

So … really appreciate a quick and easy project to show them how it works! So … thank you VERY much for that!


Cool. Thanks. For those that want to reproduce his work. All of the features initially load as cuts for Proofgrade Maple. Change one of the Ray shapes to engrave and the 2nd Ray outline to score. Might move the steps to be engrave, score, cut just in case the material drops out of place during the cut. The score traces the outside edge of the engrave.


hmm… good point there. Think an edit is in order.

So sorry you were sick but glad you got your 'forge. Now, have fun and Happy Thanksgiving!

This is one of the best things about Glowforge. You can upload a design and someone else can print it across the country. Thanks for doing this for us, it printed out perfectly!


Thanks so much for the freebie–it’s cute!

Not sure…but i might like it more cut out instead of engraved and scored.(I like the score over the engraved edges as it gives it a bevel.)

One benefit is it’ll print a lot quicker without the engrave.

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So cute! would also be great to make custom name plates for the table, either along the side of the turkey’s body or doing a flip engrave to the back of the tail. Thanks for sharing.