A name for glowforge owners


I’ve seen several topics on what people are naming their glowforges, but what shall we call glowforge owners? I suggest…glowfolk.


Good call as that is what we’ve settled on. :smile:


Yes. I can’t find the orginal topic that discussed the collective noun, but it’s been used for quite a while. Originally it referred to the Glowforge employees and crew, but it got extended pretty good to include everyone as a family.


Oh, well I feel stupid now. Excuse the town fool. Carry on.


Not at all, there are a bazzilion posts here so if you don’t search just right things get repeated. Some regulars get upset by a few things that have been beat to death but this is certanly not one of them.


Naw, don’t feel too bad. I could hear the enthusiasm in your post! That you would want to come up with a collective noun speaks to your desire to participate in the community. Keep them coming!


I think it’s much more a matter of great minds thinking alike!


I was gonna suggest “pews pews”, but I see the community has already settled on the inferior “glowfolk”.