Glowforge UI Screenshot!

Tony here (head o’ product)!

Hey Glowfolk!

I know I’ve been quiet on the product side but I wanted to let you know that:

A) We’re listening-- the product team scours the forums for suggestions and your input is really valuable in shaping the product plan. We’re also doing surveys and user testing from time to time with folks in Seattle (both customers as well as people new to Glowforge). Dan may be the chatty one, but we’re all listening!

B) We’re doing some cool things. We’ve hired two outstanding designers (Nick and Shell), whose only job is to build beautiful things every day on the Glowforge (I keep asking Dan if I can have that job and he keeps telling me “no”!). Both of them have experience with using other lasers, from Chinese imports to major US brands, and they remind us that this really, truly is something new - despite the fact that we still have many bugs to squish and features to finish.

To give you a peek, here is some UI that we’ve been polishing (much of this is functional in the software and being used every day-- some of it is on the horizon). Caveat: You shouldn’t get attached to ANYTHING here-- things could disappear, move, or change dramatically! And obviously, this is just a small fraction of the whole.


I’m excited to hear what the hand turkey will control!

Overall, I like how sleek and minimal the interface is, and the excitement continues to build!


Thanks. Small, periodic updates like this are very welcome; I hope you guys do them more often in the future.


Well hooray! This is great to read and see, Tony. Thank you so much!

Nice to see that you and Paul Bunyan (or would that be Bunion) are in cahoots.


Almost anything helps. Think it’s critical that there are frequent drops of info. We understand being close hold on status and intellectual property but lately it’s been an almost complete information lock out. Not sure why it’s gotten to that point. Hoping it improves.


Engrave by shade! YUSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! <3


Hi @Tony ! I’m glad to see “vector engrave” as an option–I use that all the time in my designs to speed up cuts. I’m a little curious about how it works on the GlowForge, though: would it operate only on true vectors, interpret thin contiguous raster shapes as vectors, and/or would it replace raster fills with vector crosshatching for larger areas?



And for those that will ask. A manual setting selector. Don’t know how that will work but at least it’s being considered.

Just a thought… I really, really want more but am concerned that maybe one of the reasons the company is being tight with answers is because we will never be satisfied and always have additional questions. I’m going to let the info come as is without asking a lot of follow-up questions as long as we continue to get regular drops.


I clicked the “Print” button but nothing seems to have happened. :wink:


Yes. Perfect.


It worked, it just printed a bunch of extras at their office heh.


Thanks so much, @Tony! Little sips of product information keep our spirits high, and we look forward to more. I appreciate all you guys are doing.


Thanks @Tony for feeding us.

I like the Paul Bunyan handle with @dan’s picture beside it too! :grin:
Full disclosure, I too am 6’4", and have been referred to as an Ent (of LOTR fame), so I can empathize! Although perhaps I should be worried; a tree vs. a very large lumberjack…


I’d prefer “Glowsmiths”. After all, who works at a forge but a smith?


Gratitude for the update Tony!
…and to the entire team -Thank you for the hard work! :beers:

Looks good! After the deal you guys gave me on this thing, I feel a happy dance sneaking up on me.


Just made my day. Can’t wait to see this screen on OWN screen! Oh, wait—I guess I am… You know what I mean!


Are they any plans on showing a video of the new UI in action?


SO EXCITING!!! What exactly does this mean? I’m err… asking for a “friend”. :wink:


Super grateful for the update! its been too long!
I appreciate being able to see how long each step takes. It will give us a better understanding of where we can cut time and how the process is being broken up in general.

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