A new low for UPS delivery

So I am about to contact support but I needed to post here because I wanted to know if anyone else had this happen.

My first machine arrived with half the box missing, and of course, the Glowforge was damaged and the laser would not print or cut on the right-hand side (assume because of miss-alignment). So Glowforge very quickly said they would send out a new one - awesome support! With a shipping estimate of the 6th, it left 2 days ago and arrived today, so that was great!

I asked Glowforge if they could please slap FRAGILE Stickers all over it so it doesn’t get damaged like last time, they mentioned they couldn’t do that - ok no worries.

So it arrived today and wow - once again the box has holes but at least it’s complete…except for the big hole and footprint on it! What was the person thinking when they walked on it - on both sides I might add?!


That may be the least damaged Glowforge shipping box I have ever seen. Welcome to the world of shipping where the only thing that matters is speed and quota. There is zero pushback from the management of a shipping company (FedEx, UPS) if a box is damaged. It’s really impossible to know where in the chain that happened to a particular item. But if the driver turns left instead of turning right, or spends 3 minutes talking to someone on the route there is hell to pay. I suspect that most damage happens in the warehouses or when transferring to a delivery truck, but door and security camera footage posted on social media makes it seem like the damage is always the driver.


Yeah, I guess especially with SUPER heavy items like this, I am sure individuals try to lift it - drop it a bunch of times, and move it with their foot. TBH I am surprised not all of them arrive damaged. It is just a shame if they work well for 1-3 months, then fail not because of use but because something was damaged right from the start and then you are left with a refurb.

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Mine wasn’t in the fancy new box but has “this side up” and fragile stickers on it. It was leaning against a wall on its left side when I went to pick it up, probably for at least a couple of days as that’s how long it took for the 2nd box to show up at the depot.


In this area the UPS and FedEx drivers do not load the trucks. They drive and unload to the customer only. About 75% of any delivery weighing more that 25lbs has package damage once it reaches me. Occasionally half open, empty boxes are delivered, or big holes are punched through to the item. I know its not the drivers because I have a vehicle alarm positioned 1/2 mile down my driveway and always have time to put on my shoes and walk outside to watch unloading. Although the trucks are packed such that I could envision a lazy delivery person stepping on a package to get to the back of the truck.


That’s right. The drivers show up to work with their trucks already loaded for them and the delivery route laid out. The driver’s job is to beat the clock, some are better at it than others.

Happens every day, all over earth.


Really? Ouch! All 3 of mine came with zero damage at all. I would be pissed about this.

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I just got my box last Saturday. I was NOT impressed with the way the UPS guy handled it. He seemed ticked with me, and especially angry at the box. I felt bad for him, but I was also concerned about my really expensive unit that’s bringing with it the equivalent of car payments for the next 6 to 12 months.

I didn’t expect it to arrive quite this fast. I’m still getting it’s home set up, so I haven’t finished unpacking it yet. I’m hoping to get it set up and tested this weekend (I work full-time). Fingers crossed.


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