A proper application for Comic Sans



Gotta love all the buzz over Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappacino… LOL.


Mmmmmmm… gggrraaaayyyyyy.


That reminds me of those purple potatos…yeeech! :confounded:


Did you know there are 5,000 varieties of potatoes in the world?!


Oh the purple potatoes are excellent! Yes, when they’re mashed they look like a marshmallow peep that’s been through a blender, but they taste pretty much like a white potato.


I don’t know, are they supposed to be better for you? Because they look very UN-appetizing! :smile:


There might be some additional anti-oxidants because of whatever phytochemical that gives them their color, kinda like red wine, or blueberries, etc. but other than that, no significant differences.


But the blue chips they serve on Jet Blue are delicious


I dunno, I’m so freaking scared of all food coloring now, we’ll probably find out that blue comes from the armpit sweat of the Dallas Cowboys during home games. :no_mouth:


And when the little ones are peeled and roasted, they look like some unidentifiable small animal that’s been skinned and is being served raw. (Thanks to my longtime ex-boss for that one.)


One of my favorite things to make when the kids were growing up was “chicken squares” with chicken, butter, and cream cheese, etc. On one particular “health kick,” I added blueberries to the recipe. The kids tease me to this day on my gross lavender meat dish.


It taste ok, its basically their fruity pebbles secret menu with a sour syrup drizzled through it.


That sounds not very appetizing.

But I don’t drink the cereal milk so I’m probably biased anyway.


That makes me think of the “lunch block” we made when the kids were toddlers: leftover shells&cheese jammed firmly into an undersized plastic container, refrigerated overnight and then cut into cubes…


Heirloom potatoes are great! Bio-diversity in food-sources is important! Brightly-colored food with no unpronounceable chemical additives are awesome! Nom nom nom potatoes.


I like the one wearing the purple potato thong. :no_mouth:


Mr Potatohead, eat your heart out!


Those look like worms or maggots :astonished::dizzy_face:


huh. you must have seen much more colorful, strangely shaped maggots than I have seen.


Okay Jesse, I was eating when that popped up! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: