A question on deliveries - I might not be home when my time comes

Hi y’all!

As most of you, I’m exited to finally get my hands on a 'forge, even if it’s still a couple of month away (international backer).

I’ve got a trip to Thailand planned at the start of October, and I won’t be home until a couple of days before xmas. So the question is how I should handle my delivery.

As I really don’t want to delay my delivery any further, I’m thinking I have two options.
Option the first: Have the unit delivered to my office
Second: Have it delivered to a colleague - or some such.

I’m guessing that’s fine any which way, but then I got thinking about shipping damage.
Let assume (but hope not) that La forge gets a bit of a rough treating while traveling from the new world to the old of vikings - would I have to force/persuade my colleagues to check for damage at arrival?
I could then have them contact my people, and I in turn could contact your people etc.
I’m rather big at 2m - or 6 feet and 8,5oz imperial, so I think I’d be able to persuade 'em easily enough.

Or possibly, option the 3st: delay the delivery 'til I get home as I won’t be using it anyways.

I deliberately turn my spellchecker down from 11 to ‘loosey goosey’, so please add [sic] where you sea fit :joy:

Right, I guess I should tag @rita.


These all sound reasonable to me. I suppose if you knew how long it would take to get there, you could hold off for a little while and try to time it where you both arrive home the same day as well.

It would be handy if you could accept but specify the earliest delivery date. Then if you are on holiday you can have it arrive just as you get back, or at least no earlier.

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The other consideration would be warranty. I know intl folks aren’t thrilled about the warranty and this isn’t a discussion about that but from when that puppy is shipped, your warranty will start counting down.

If I were you, I would delay delivery. That means you can be there when it arrives, and you would benefit from any minor improvements in manufacturing that the GlowForge team comes up with in the mean time. Also, I guess it would sort of extend your warrantee, which would start on the ship or delivery dates (@dan, would that be right?). Might as well have the clock start when you’re ready to use it.

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I believe @dan commented that you can specify the address at the time of receiving the “golden email” and have it set to where you would like.

Also, @Tom_A had his sent to his place of work, but had to “suffer” with having to wait until he got it home before he could play with it.

I did. For me it was the right decision. Sometimes delivery times can be wrong and if it was just my wife at home that’d be a problem. Meanwhile, the folks in receiving handle packages all day. I warned them I had a 70lb package coming and they said “No problem. We’ll put it on a cart and leave it on the cart and when you’re ready to grab it you can just pull up to the loading dock.” Which is when I realized our loading dock has no ramp. Half a flight of steps. So I wheeled it through the building instead. :wink:

It was certainly torturous the rest of the afternoon. It called to me like a tell-tale laser. Pew-pew… pew-pew… pew-pew…


You might could have the local delivery warehouse hold it for you until you get back and then pick it up from them.

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I would also suggest delaying delivery. It makes it easier to deal with shipping damage, avoids wasting some of your warranty period, and potentially means you get a more finely tuned unit.

It also removes any potential for your unit to be stolen or damaged while stored at somebody else’s house, which would be complicated to resolve

You should be able to reply to your email and start the shipping process shortly before coming home, so you won’t necessarily have to wait


You know, most of the people suggesting you delay are probably just hoping to get their’s that much sooner. :wink:

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All good input, thanks.
But, man, getting The Email, and having to sit on it for like, a month or two… We’ll see if I’m strong enough to handle it.

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