A RISK to take...?



I’ve always been a large fan of RISK and otherwise games of world domination. I have several classic boards, and a Metal Gear Solid version(it’s like classic risk, but with hero units and a deck of screw-each-other-over cards.)

A card shop owner was one of the guests last night and he brought me a belated Christmas gift- a Star Trek themed variant of RISK.

Does anyone remember some of the more original RISK game sets with the painted wooden armies? They were like, little square or pentagonal bits. Later on there were plastic triangle and pentagonal star shapes, and then the injection molded soldiers, cavalry, and cannons(or variants like in Metal Gear Risk). Since lasers can cut through some wood with the right settings, much like a hot knife through butter, I am inspired to attempt to make a set of wooden armies, like in the earlier original sets.


First RISK game I ever played was one with wooden cubes in 4 ? different colors…been years…( ahem…48 ? )


You’re right, they were square and pentagonal, not triangular and pentagonal.


Search “vintage risk game pieces” on Google and you’ll find lots of examples of the wood cubes and ovals from the late 50’s and early 60’s. You can buy boxes of game pieces for around $8/color. Looked like some old game sets on eBay for around $14 too


I remember the square ones…we used to take them out of the game and build with them…lol. Always made my brother mad when he and his friends wanted to play…:smiling_imp:


Yes I remember playing Risk long ago. I remember really enjoying that game.


I had an old version I got at a thrift store with the wooden pieces. Making wooden and acrylic board game pieces is one of the things I’m most looking forward to.


These are the pieces I remember. Shouldn’t be hard to recreate


I believe these are the droi… uh… pieces you’re looking for.

I may still have a 30 year old Risk game at my Dad’s. If I remember I’ll take a look for ya.

I play Risk ALL THE TIME. Be it on a board, Xbox 360, or Android unofficial “Landrule.” I got my 8 year old son into it a couple years ago (Yep! Years. He’s good!). So I, of course, have thought about making custom Risk pieces with my 'forge. We should definitely compare notes on the future!

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I haven’t played RISK in years – really kind of miss it


Target used to sell (and maybe still does) classic versions of several board games. I picked up the classic version of Risk. It comes in a wooden box. I couldn’t find it on Target’s webpage, but maybe they still carry them in the stores.


And probably at a price that means it’s not worth trying to make your own…


I honestly think I paid something like $5 more for the classic version. No-brainer.


Yep. I have it. But, oddly enough, even though it’s “classic” it contains only the 2010 ruleset.

BTW, I also have the classic Clue and Stratego from that series. VERY nice series. Looks great on the board game shelves.

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I hadn’t thought about it until now, but I might have to make a Risk board once the :glowforge: arrives. (Just for myself, of course.) Maybe 6 sheets of 1/4" walnut? The armies could be painted, of course, but I think different types of stains would look better. Looks like I have a new project…


I remember when those came out, I regret not getting the set. They also had Monopoly, Sorry, and at least one more…


All the years and memories those pieces bring back.


Would be easy to make travel versions of non-travel board games with a laser, too…


I don’t remember my first game of risk. My most memorable would be from college. We played 3 times in a row while waiting in line outside of Bestbuy for the Nintendo Wii. I don’t remember much of the actual games, other than the fact that one of my friends did not roll lower than a 5 all night. We were convinced she was a witch.


YES ! I had forgotten the oblong one ! Thanks …meeeeemmmmoooorrrriiees…like the corners of our minds !..lol