A simple tray

Perfectly explained. Thank you!

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Lovely turn out … Exceptional write-up!


I have found that wet Q-tips will both wipe away glue but also thin it enough that a dry Q-Tip can wipe it all away, As the glue fluoresces it can tell you when there is none left.

Which brand(s) fluoresce? That’s a good idea, I am going to go see if mine glow or not.

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i have Elmers and Gorilla wood glues where I refill containers and it was looking at finished pieces that slight excess glue stood out. like many cases it is the difference and not screaming like Yellowheart but as the underlying wood is the same the part with glue residue will be enough different to see it. I also discovered that my wood floors were partially replaced by different wood that the differences are almost impossible to see but stand out strongly in UV light.

As are the rest of your projects, this is stunning. If I may ask though, how did you attach the bottom? Wasn’t sure if it was just glued in, or if you cut a dado for it to fit in? Please, please, keep up the great work




What @dierdrebeth said. I uploaded a pic of the process in the latest tray too: