A Spirited Debate



Finally had a chance to try out the Proofgrade Walnut hardwood with another ongoing project :wink: and was quite impressed. Cuts & engraving are clean and the grain really pops. What do you think?

For comparison, here’s the same file in Maple…

BTW, the original design was done in Affinity Design (including an imported bitmap) and exported as an SVG. Like Illustrator, AD also provides an export option that automagically converts text to curves — very handy!


Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017

They both look delish! :smiley:


Verrrryy fine! What fun. (Thank you again…I have availed myself of that handy tip!)


That’s terrific!


Wow ! They both are fantastic! So many new ideas popping up ! (little plaques like that for gift bottles, anniversaries, retirement gift, etc). Personally I like the Proofgrade® walnut in this case since it seems a little more “aged” albeit darker and harder to read at a distance.


Came out great!


Geesh, the ideas on this forum are cuh-razy! Crazy awesome and kinda makes my brain hurt a little because I want to try every one of them. I need to be more focused like a…a…I don’t know something bright and hot and burny. One Forge to Rule Them All.
Beautiful little ideas like this just make gift giving and everything else better. Thx so much for sharing!


These are great! It took me way too long to get the title of the topic. :joy:


Very nicely done! My vote’s for the walnut. I think it’ll all depend on the color of the bottle/beverage. In this case, I definitely like the walnut.


Good use of Proof. And I think the grain selection was spot on.

And I suck at alcohol puns, so that is all I got.


…and there they are!:wink:


I preferred the walnut as well, given the rich color of the beverage. I need to work on the hanging method though – I had the cord at hand, but I’m thinking about a bit of tiny chain on rings for the next one.


Which leads to the start hoarding issue. Next time you throw out or see costume or trashed jewelry, toys,small appliances or electronics you start seeing the parts to think I could use that chain, cord, dial, button, clasp, interior pieces, etc. !! You really look at objects differently…


Very nice and a great craft! Maybe you could do a lasered collar and hang the plaque from that??


Great idea! Also thought of a bit of leather for mixed Proofgrade fun…


I agree about the rich color of the black walnut :+1:
Very nice!


I like the look of the walnut sign, but the fonts are a hair busy, it seems. Maybe the main font without the fade in it would be what it needs.


I like them both, for different reasons. The walnut is gorgeous, and gives it a nice aged/old world style. On the basis of wood color alone, that would be my favorite … but I also really like the way that the lighter maple stands out against the color of the liquor.