Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017



Last Week’s Highlights

Staff Statements

Nuttin new under the sun.:smile:

Beta and PreRelease Creations

Happy Easter!

Flight of the Phoenix

Design Shop Puzzles

Yes, They Do Keep Their Coffee on Tap at GF HQ!

Coin of the Realm

Team Coasters

Laser Tile

Easter Edition

Cut Calibrations

Cutting Felt

A Spirited Debate

To the Point

The Wallhouse

DIY Erector Set

Cut Corian Cookie Stamp

Small Stuff

Proofgrade Acrylic Slump Bowls

I made a Thing on the Glowforge

More Acrylic Cookie Cutters

Cosplay Gun

Engraving Cabochons

Scoring Stained Glass

Skin your iPhone with some Proofgrade Veneer

Summer’s Coming - Sunglasses Case

Bwente’s Tangram

Escher Fish Puzzle

More Escher Fish

A Pencil - Pfft

Game On!

Will it Forge? (Biblical Question)

drop the mic (Yes, that’s a grain of rice.)


Glowforge Visit

Colonel Mustard, in the Library, with a Laser

Edge Lit Sign

Twenty Nothing

Pocket Pentominoes

Pocket Pies/Branded Ravioli Pin

Weck Jar Lids



Inventables Laser Safe Linoleum


Plywood Display Shelves

Walnut Veneer Engraves

Geek Cred

Free Files and Inspiration

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 29th, 2017


Whoa, I missed a lot of awesome stuff this week! Thanks @Jules!


Beautiful work on gathering all of this weeks postings. :glowforge: :hedgie:


Thanks guys! :smile:


Thanks @jules, stellar job!


Another great collection! So much happening. I would be missing so much if it weren’t for you, Well Done Jules! Thank you. :kissing_heart:


Out of likes… still a weird thing to happen :slight_smile:

Thank you for your efforts @Jules , there is always something I missed.


Love these weekly summary posts. I think I keep up but there is a lot of good stuff going on out there.


Seeing how much neat new stuff came out this week it’s no wonder I’m having trouble catching up on my unread posts right now! I can’t believe how long I had to scroll to get through this!


I love the Weekly Highlights. Thank you so much for doing this. Without the highlights, I would miss a lot.