A Thank You to the Glowforge Community


This may get buried quickly with how active the Forums are now, and I honestly do no participate in the forums that often (though I read a lot of posts). I do not have a laser and thus cannot share projects with you all, and I find it difficult putting effort into speculating about what should have/could have been done to deliver this product on time.

BUT I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you guys and the Glowforge team for what HAS TO BE one of the most active, critical and engaging online communities of experts and brilliant minds from every walk of life. The projects you guys share, the questions people ask and the educated and thought out explanations of techniques and experiences people put the time into writing are overwhelmingly amazing and valuable. And all of this BEFORE THE PRODUCT EVEN EXISTS. Yes that last part stings, and will for a while (and I wouldn’t mind being able to slap around a few people for the disappointment I currently feel) but I thought it was important to point out the extremely unique environment we all currently share and the benefit we all gain from the countless projects and ideas that have been posted to this point.

THANK YOU GLOWFORGE for getting this part right, for building such an amazing community over the last year, for allowing us to be critical of your decisions and products and @dan for taking the time to respond to as many questions as he can. In the Crowdfunding/kickstarter marketing/tech startup/”manufacturing the potential to manufacture” type of time we currently live in, it’s the ability for people to become connected and build a community such as this that impresses me most. I’ve learned much more than I expected to without even having a laser (which will make it that much sweeter once I do!)

Thank you guys! And I promise to post my projects and knowledge as soon as I get my hands on a machine.



Very well said :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum. I was a lurker for a long time too, but after you start posting and interacting with the members you will find that they are absolutely great folks. I have asked lots of questions and gotten to “know” the main ones. I have gotten MUCH more out of participating than just reading. :grinning:


Welcome to the forum…please post more often…we love answering questions or helping out.
Even if you dont have a laser, you can still learn alot to prepare you!


don’t hesitate to share ideas, too, or ask about possibilities. I’m not a laser aficionado either (yet.), but you can certainly learn a lot by engaging with this community. Hope to see you around some more.




Well said!


Maxed out on likes, but well said!


Not knowing anything about you, I don’t know how (or if) to pronounce "kye"
Is it like the “kay” in the word Kayak?
Is it “KAY” like the letter K,
Is it “k’yee”? Or "Quay"
Or is that “K’EENH” like cartman saying “kyle”

unless it is your initials… I wouldn’t know how to pronouce jbv…


Well said … :+1:


…pretty sure it rhymes with ‘eye’, man.


that would make sense… i guess I think of that being spelled kai…


(you don’t have to interact or respond if ya don’t wanna, but know that the positivity of your post is appreciated)


Thanks for your positive perspective, @kye . Quite well said.
I also don’t have a laser. I have never seen one in action, much less used one.
I’m pretty excited for mine to come.
In the meantime, I quite agree: the community here is outstanding.
Thanks for being part of it, and I encourage you to post more, even before you become experienced.


I, too, have been a long-time daily lurker and have loved to see everyone’s posts. Guess with this latest delay it’s time for me start contributing instead of just enjoying everyone else’s creativity and the time will fly by! :slight_smile: Thank you for posting this!


haha! The family joke is that my parents “couldn’t afford the L”… but it is infact pronounced like KAI, but much cooler and has little to no meaning at all, ha. Thank you guys for the support! I’m getting some photos of old projects together that I was able to do in school when I first encountered a laser, so I’ll be posting soon for sure!


Welcome and here’s to your continued participation. Not because you’re talented, gifted, an educator, maker, possessed of an wonderful father, no, although I am sure you are all of these things, and more, but because your avatar features the TARDIS!


Ha ha–thanks! I have my students to thank for my Who obsession–they begged me to start watching so they would have someone at school to discuss it with. :slight_smile: We celebrated The Day of the Doctor by making sonic screwdrivers (pretzel rods dipped in frosting and blue sprinkles) and duct tape bow ties. Nice to “meet” a fellow fan! :slight_smile:


Thank you, @kye. I appreciate you being here.


Welcome to the forum @kye, we look forward to hearing more from you!


Hey welcome to the forum and an exceptional first post!