A Touch of Whimsy



Awesome! I love hearing that anything I do inspires folks! :grinning:


Wow. SO cool you made that entirely in a 2D application!

Wonder if maybe you can use it to put today’s mail in until you find time to go through it?
Or maybe it can be where you toss your keys?


Keys are a good plan…it’s a little small for snail mail. :grinning:


Cut a few holes in the side and add an LED candle…gift nightlight for your mailperson…lol


I just lost my mailperson for the last decade. (Really liked her too.)

She was reassigned to a more affluent neighborhood (for her) though so I can’t begrudge her the good fortune.

But man, do I miss her. She would hand carry packages up to the door if they didn’t fit. :worried:


Couldn’t you use it that way already? If you bought a roll, it would sit where the trash now falls, and you feed it up so you’re pulling it out of the mail slot.


I’m thinking it would make a great battery organizer/storage.


Reminds me I need to rework one for the triple As one of these days. (Too many ideas.)


That’s incredible!!! I’d totally ship myself some M&M’s in that thing…


I hate when that happens😞 My son has made friends with the two guys that work the counter at our local Post Office. He insisted giving each one of the halloween nightlights at halloween time and a xmas one too…They are real good with him. Sort of like a small town feeling…very friendly with the regulars. Always ask about him if hes not with me and with his Dad since I’m working late…lol


Seems like a good candy holder to me! Any chance you will give some details about the work flow for designing 3D in AI? Perhaps that seems more complicated than it is.


So far it’s pretty easy…you think in 3D and rotate parts a lot to check the fit and placement. That’s really all I’ve been doing.

Haven’t needed to kerf adjust and the fit has been snug without being tight, so honestly anyone could do it.

Only one formula to remember for living hinges… 2πr is the circumference of the circle, so half of that gives you the length of the living hinge necessary to make it around a semi-circle.

That’s about it. :grinning:


At the risk of offending anyone, I want to apologize in advance.
I just can’t resist!

As a retailer once said: you put your weed in here


Not big enough for the stash, I’m sure. :smile:


You need to live in a neighborhood where the mailbox is on the house. My mailman puts the packages inside the porch if they don’t fit: away from eyes and rain/snow. It’s why I prefer USPS to UPS or FedEx.


My general experience with FedEx would have the package inside the porch.


To be fair, the previous mailwoman left it on the stoop.


There are always exceptions. I can tell you that the FedEx protocol would indicate inside the porch (if an option) as opposed to outside on the steps. (Sheltered from weather and secure from casual observation are high on the standards.)


Very nice! Now you need a tiny leather shoulder bag so Hedgie can run the mail route. (Great Christmas card idea!!).