A Touch of Whimsy





Awesome Jules, I love it! :love_letter:


Wow Jules, that looks really good!


That was my first thought. I am going to steal this idea, change it to canada post and make the top a stamp dispenser and the ‘drawer’ bit a sponge holder.


You still have “lick-n-stick” stamps in Canada?! I haven’t seen one of those in like a decade! I even get peel & stick envelopes (though I know lick envelopes are still available)


To be honest I think both are available. I know the ones with your own face/images are peel and stick, but I ‘THINK’ you may be able to get the lick-n-stick ones in standard issue stamps. Either way, I’m over 40 now so I am much more nostalgic than I probably should be. Lol


so as an aside my so is from the maritimes and at work (academia) was talking with somebody who’d just gotten back from a conference in halifax, and she mentioned repeatedly about how they’d gone through “dart-mooth.”

eventually it was too late to say anything without it being awkward so he just chuckled quietly to himself all day.


Nice, but my recent stamp rolls were self-adhesive.


Dart-mooth… thats cute. There are a LOT of easily mispronounced place/street names around here. One would think Dart MOUTH would be an easier one, but perhaps Dart-moth is a bit more exotic. :wink:
I asked my mother, she still buys stamps, and she said most are stickers now but you can get lick n stick at some Post Office locations.
SO, I guess the ‘drawer’ area would be the sticker backing refuse area then. Now if my GF would hurry up and arrive so I can start making my post box. The creating will probably be much easier than the painting. US boxes have the advantage of being very plain. Ours are a little more ‘detailed’.


You can tell if someone is from outside of the HRM when they struggle to pronounce Agricola :stuck_out_tongue:





Alright! Now try Kejimkujik!



(ok, it’s a stretch!)




i love the names when you start heading east, though my favorite is driving through Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! on the way to the coast:


also: i call miramichi mayor mccheese


This is one of my favorites. This, That and The Other street.


On the way to Norwich, to visit my daughter, I pass a Nowhere Lane, and I’m often tempted to see if it’s true.


If you do, you may find this diner (I go there on my motorcycle a fair amount so I’m not lying when my wife asks where I’m going and I tell her “nowhere”):



Well, at least the US has a few funny pronunciations that remind us of our roots. Norfolk anyone?



I’ve lived here for over 50 years, and the possible alternative pronunciations have never occurred to me !