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Don’t EVEN ask a sailor to pronounce this city especially in reference to the Virginia version. :scream:


While in the military, ( Navy ) someone from there told me it was supposed to be properly pronounced.

I was told: The R and the L are silent and the O is very, dare I say it, EXTREMELY lazy. So if one said it a certain way, rolling off their tongue it could come out as something completely diff. Never really talked about that with anyone else, that story was told to me dare I say it, DECADES ago. Things have changed, I am sure, but the pronounciation…maybe it is a dialect thing, too.


Slightly different twang depending on if you are born on the Virginia or Maryland part of the Cheasapeake bay. But everyone pronounces it as you explained. Interestingly enough many in the area, including my father and brother, pronounce the other word, “folk”.

For some strange reason I didn’t end up with the same accent. Think it had to do with who we hung around.


We have some of those :slight_smile:

This Way St isn’t far from That Way St.


If I’m in the right place, don’t you also have something like “This & That Way” ?
Wonderful !


Longmont, Colorado - sadly they didn’t place a sign at the intersection. Go figure.


By chance, going a cross country route (in UK terms !) from my daughter’s first solo exhibition, to meet a printer for my own work, my sat-nav took me down Nowhere Lane.
So at least I now know it does go somewhere.


You really see them all if you work delivery. I had one place on So Dusty Trail.


Back when I was a kid I knew this kid Named Scott Free and he lived on Easy St.


Frying Pan, Pity My Shoes, Mashoes, Clinton (don’t take your daughters there). Fun ones are directional streets (North, South, East, West), especially when their actual compass point bring a contrasting direction. I’ve been to E West St and S North St, among others.


In my town we don’t have any straight roads, they all twist and turn all over the place, and because of this there are several streets that intersect each other multiple times. When you give someone directions somewhere you have to specify which intersection by also giving a landmark. LOL.

We don’t have any silly street names, but generally, all the street names in a given area of town will follow a theme. Example: one section of town has all aviation related names, another has American Indian tribe names, another is all plant/flower names.


If they were Bill & Ted fans… that would be “No Way way”


I know one city that has a centerpoint with 4 quadrants. The centerpoint is the intersection of north/south 0 and east/west 0. This, by itself, is not unusual. It tends to be the rule in most of the US. This particular city, though, uses different street names and numbering schemes in each quadrant, so each quarter of the city is closer to being another country than just across town.


You know, @Jules, it wouldn’t take much to turn this into a dice tower…

I don’t know what mailboxes have to do with gaming, really, but it’s just so adorable, everybody needs an excuse to have one. :wink:


Too many other cute dice towers already available. :wink:


But they’re not mailboxes!!!


True! There might be literally dozens of gaming mail carriers out there just dying for something like this. :smile:


Niche marketing FTW!!!