A try at a puzzle

Working on stuff for the Christmas season. My youngest daughter loves all things rabbit, feeling that bunnies should live forever in immortal cuteness. Well, I was wanting to play with chipboard, anyway, and there’s about 4 million stock rabbit photos for free download, even for commercial use.

A little time, my printer, some mod podge, and then zapping in the :glowforge: gave some nice results. The puzzle is 300 pieces, just shy of 8.5X11, using the puzzle generator shared elsewhere in the forums. And my youngest daughter gets this:

I’m working on a couple for my nephew.


Fantastic work!


Wow! I can’t imagine she won’t love it!! It came out really great!

Awwww! Cute buns! (Yes, I had to do it.) :smile:


Love it!
Can’t wait to do some for my kids.

I am about to try this tonight. Did you use masking tape over the image to protect it from smoke marks? Also, is this photo paper? Great job!

That came out very well.

BTW, thanks for posting your experience and comments in getting this addressed (under the Problems and Support section).

Looks fantastic! Love it :smile:

Matte photo paper, no masking, but 2-3 coats of Mod Podge.

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Still waiting on resolution. At 250 zooms, things seem to align magically. At 500, there is funky shifting along the way.

The bunny puzzle is my public face, “I must use this power only for good.”

This puzzle is the true, evil me in the background. 600 pieces, no picture, Founder’s ruler for scale.



I think that falls into the “not even to my worst enemy” category!

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One of my coworkers has stepped up to the challenge. I was afraid to take the tape off it.

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Yep! That’s just mean! Chuckle! :smile:

Yep! You’re evil all right. :laughing:

Thanks for the advice.


If you have the time, you could disassemble the puzzle grab a collection of spray paints and then randomly hit the pieces with paint. Not only are the colors no guide, but their mind will try and make the colors fit a pattern.


Slow down, Satan.


Took my puzzle loving mother inlaw about a week to solve a 1,000 piece puzzle we gave her. It was red.