A useless glowforge and no air filter

I purchased a Glowforge for a large public university and its currently sitting useless in a room because we don’t have an air filter. I emailed the support and haven’t heard anything back. At this point I’m starting to get worried that you guys are going to get put on a list of non-compliant vendors for our entire state government if you don’t shape up.

Can Glowforge please answer support emails on when the air filter will be shipped and if the Glowforge can be returned if it does not ship soon? We will need our money back if this continues. as you can tell, I’m starting to get exasperated.

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The GF site currently lists air filters as backordered through 4/2019.

When did you place your order?

You can find more information here: Air Filter Update (September 2018)

I ended up just running my vent out a window while waiting for my air filter, and few months ago decided that was OK option and requested refund on the filter.

So unless there are some regulations against venting out thru a window or other vent with your facilities, you can use it that way.

In the makerspace at my university, there are no windows because it’s in the center of one of the buildings. The space being used here is possibly similar. The reason we didn’t budget for a Glowforge for our makerspace is exactly this problem, too.

That’s sad… also poor facilities planning not to have any type of ventilation options–any laser etcher, as well as other equipment or chemicals used in crafting require good ventilation… As a person using the space, if they don’t have ventilation, push for some air quality tests to make sure no one is being exposed to nasty stuff in the room (not counting the laser etcher).
(Or just not having natural light? I can’t stand working anywhere without windows, especially for my crafting. Hope they have decent “day light” type lighting, at least).

Your account page on the Glowforge website will list the anticipated shipping date for your unit. The date will likely move in both directions as challenges are identified and are resolved.

I can’t see a shipping date for the filter listed. We’ve already have the Glowforge (since sometime in spring), but nothing else is listed on my account page. Part of my exasperation is I don’t even know when it will be coming. Late Nov? February? 2020? A little communication about missed deadlines would be nice from them.

The filter should be in your Purchase History: Glowforge - the 3D laser printer , along with the current delivery estimate. If you don’t see your filter listed, you should email support directly (account-specific issues are only handled via email) to verify your pending order.

Best of luck.

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We totally understand your frustration. Our response to your email about the status of your Air Filter order never made it to you. We sincerely apologize!

We recently made an announcement about some major developments to the Air Filter - you can see it here: Air Filter Update (September 2018).

I will email you in a moment to make sure that we’re able to connect by email; if you don’t receive the message, please post again here.