A wallet by my Seahawks fan of a wife. :)


My wife got her hands on the Glowforge for the first time the other night and made herself a wallet.

Weekly Highlights for the week of 11-DEC-16
Design Catalog Wallet (in cork fabric)

Talented family! It’s cool how she reversed the leather on the middle pocket to get a different effect!


That’s very nice! :relaxed:


Actually she just found plans for a wallet on The Art of Manliness and loaded it into Inkscape and simply copied over the lines and holes for sewing. That middle piece is from the lower piece being folded in half before sewing.

She is really having a lot of fun with it. She made a bracelet next. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.


I like the wide cuff too. (The Seahawks logo is cool with the 3 tones.) :sunglasses:


Here’s the direct link to the wallet plans.

Great looking leather items!


Go Hawks! (as Russell Wilson says). - Rich


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