Design Catalog Wallet (in cork fabric)



I’ve been having fun printing and assembling the 6-Pocket Bifold Executive Wallet from the Glowforge Catalog. I’ve made one in cork fabric, and it’s the softest most supple wallet I’ve ever touched. The material feels strong and durable.

I purchased the fabric from website Thackery: Thoughtful Products, as it states that its cork fabric is laserable. The backing is made of 50% polyurethane, 35% cotton, and 15% polyester.

If you’re looking for wallet inspiration, here are Glowforgers’ projects that inspired me:
Wallet by @karaelena
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There are simply so many fabulous wallet projects! Thanks Glowforge folks for making it possible for me to make one too!

Cork Fabric
Dense, durable and bendable cork?
Cork Fabric

Wow, I’m loving this cork! Make more things with it!


This is awesome! I’m going to have to get some of that cork fabric


Love it! It’s so unique! (Is the cork attached to actual fabric or is it just a thin sheet of cork?) :heart_eyes:


The cork is attached to fabric. Cork on one side, fabric on the other. It’s soft, like brushed cotton. However, I’m not exactly sure what the fabric is composed of.


Just how durable do you expect this wallet to be … will it age nicely in your estimation? :glowforge::sunglasses:


tell us more … settings, thread, and so on and we’ll move this into Beyond the Manual. :glowforge::sunglasses:

Cork Fabric

Oh, wow! Your wallet turned out great! The cork fabric looks like it could be a great leather alternative for those who were looking!


It seems pretty durable. I understand that the cork is boiled which makes it elastic. It’s stretchy. When I get a chance later today, I’ll abuse a scrap of the cork fabric to see what it can handle.


That’s awesome!

I tried making this wallet using cork fabric a few weeks back. Design Critique - Leather Wallet

I used CA glue to hold the pieces together while I sewed it. That was a mistake. I broke the needle.


Ouchie! Try rubber cement. It’s used by a lot of leather workers. Won’t hurt your needles, machine or hand, and in most cases will cleanly rub off the finished product.


Cool! How did I miss your original post? The forum be long and wide.

Thanks for the link and tip (CA glue bad). Also, thanks @ekla for a tip (rubber cement good).


VERY nice! I would never have thought to make one out of cork. It looks great!


I haven’t posted it yet, which probably explains why you missed it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We’ve had people visiting for the past few weekends, and the Glowforge is in the guest bedroom. I wanted to do an engraving on the failed wallet before I post my project.

Did you cut the holes in for sewing with the Glowforge? Did you use any special thread, or regular fabric thread?


The pattern from the design catalog contains holes for sewing. The project was easy, as all I had to do was learn to saddle stitch and align the holes. :upside_down_face:

At the request of @bmcgrain above, I started a cork fabric thread in Beyond the Manual.