A website full of free laser designs, was pirate site

stumbled upon this… ** [SITE REMOVED] **

its actually a great website, full of free downloads, but since its free. . . sorry. . . . .

Is it? From the little I see behind the ad blocker banner it looks like an aggregator/scraper like 3axis, which is notorious for stealing designs from the creators.

These types of sites are usually pretty scattered in terms of their content (naturally since they scrape everyone) and the quality is variable at best.

Maybe the people who previously posted about it can chime in on the quality and provenance better than I can here:


I suppose I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover… but as for me I’ll stick to free/subscription-supplemented sites like vecteezy for design elements and more direct sites like inventables or makecnc for complete designs.


Fair enough, I did look thru and didn’t see anything that’s on etsy, but it was a casual look.
The star wars stuff was listed as “dark prince”… etc…

Another host for stolen content. Should not be promoted here.

(I use a “burner” Linux virtual machine for poking around suspicious sites…)


i did a search on the image that brought me to the site, there is No commercial versions of it, so now I am not sure, if its a pirate site or not…


I’ve seen versions of the puzzle on a Japanese site similar to etsy. They are usually cnc cut.

As for those free file sites, pinterest has led me to one that was mentioned above, where I found files from the free files section on there, with personal photos directly from the forum content.

I have a client who bought a file from etsy, and what they sent her was a random file from the free site, with someone else’s stolen picture for a different file.

Unfortunately, it happens. I usually avoid them because I don’t know what else they are sending my way when I check them out. I get so many security warnings when I happened to visit the other site before.


Pretty sure it’s just another scrubber site full of stolen content. With one quick look I found two files that I have paid for from another site, and then there’s this “cow” image.


I deleted the site link, please do so in your comments as well… Sorry about that.


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Gentle reminder – Free Laser Designs “… is for sharing your laser designs! All new topics should include a file attachment.”

The key point being that the poster must have created the original file.


why I stated in my original post I found a free site, making sure it was understood this is not my design.

Which is why the post doesn’t belong in FLD in the first place.


I thought free site, free downloads… there are posts here with ‘catalogs’ of free files, I thought this was the appropriate place, apologies…

Yeah a close reading of the pinned top post has pretty narrow restrictions on this category.


I moved this to “Everything Else”


I requested this whole tread be deleted


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I don’t see a reason to delete it. Discussions about the nature of some of these sketchy sites are a good thing. If anything I’d move it to everything else.


(shrug) then we will see, I already ‘flagged it’ for moderation…

It’s not uncommon for new members to post inappropriate content or in the wrong place. That’s what Discourse “regular” status is meant to support - “self moderation”, as GF staff don’t generally browse the discussion forums. Unfortunately settings on this site are dumbed down so it’s mostly populated by members with dozens of likes for “yay cool pic” comments, vs. actual help. Evan is a distinctive exception!


and here I thought it meant they ate enough roughage and had a good digestive system.