A year in the life of a Glowforge!

One year ago today was the day! I got my Glowforge. I figured I’d make a compilation of some of the things I made with it! Fun Fact, almost all the pictures I’ve taken over the last year have been of either my baby or a Glowforge Project.

Proofgrade :proofgrade: arrives!

Stormageddon Arrives! Box was dinged up, but it was in one piece! Fun fact, the first iteration of the packaging did not have any plastic handles.

Look who got to press the button first!

Hello World! (Should have used white bread)

The infamous ruler!

Escutcheon, because everyone else was making one.


Traced Molding

Fractals and magnets and comics, Oh My!


Paper and Narwhals

Practicing with slate

My friend hand drew these. I lasered them for her.

Fun with Graphene!


3d Engraving tests!

More Gifts!

Sapele tests!

IT’S D&D! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4BuL886bJA) (Sorry, not Glowforge related, but I love that new video for D&D Beyond.)
A D&D Initiative tracker prototype.

Even more Gifts (with my test cuts)!

Candy Monster!

Cork Fabric Wallet that I never quite finished. (I broke the needle trying to sew through superglue.)

IT’S D&D… maps cut from chipboard.

X-Wing and Tie Fighters

Edge Lit Acrylic Tests! (Color filling with crayons worked out very well!)

More Gifts!

Valentines Day Magnets for School! and a tiny narwhal

Acrylic Birthday Sign!

IT’S D&D dice box.

Things I’ve learned. I really need to take more pictures of my projects. Some of them I forgot to take pictures of. I should make duplicates of some of my gifts. There are a few that I wish I had a copy of now.

Overall, I’ve loved using my Glowforge. It’s kind of amazing the amount of changes that have happened over the past year since I’ve received it! Thank you @dan, @tony, @Rita, @bailey, and the rest of @GlowforgeStaff for a wonderful product!

I haven’t finished my 1 year project/experiment yet. Good news, I have all the parts now and tested it out. Bad news, I needed a bigger transformer. I have it now, which means more testing (if it’s not wet outside).


As it should be. :slight_smile:


Great one year recap!


Awesome seeing them all in one place! These things really are fantastic, aren’t they? :grinning:


Nice variety. Thanks for sharing.


It certainly is a lot of fun. Enjoyed your post!


Amazing compilation! I had forgotten about the crayon infill trick—thanks for the reminder.


“Fun fact, the first iteration of the packaging did not have any plastic handles”

Apparently most of the gen 2 boxes arrived less handles too! :slight_smile:

I thought about doing a post like this too, only a couple weeks away.


Definitely! I wish I had more time to play, but life keeps getting in the way. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for sharing Joe! Great projects, great idea for anniversary recaps!

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lots of unique projects

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It’s been a great year!

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Truly an impressive collection of work! Thanks for sharing!

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Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing the past few years with us and your progress.

In the midst of all the crunched tubes and mangled boxes, and DOA forges, it’s good to remark that there are many solid machines doing amazing work.

Would love perspective and statistics on the reliability and whatnot, but in my experience, my machine has performed just as I need it to!


Mine has survived everything I’ve done to it, and that’s saying a lot. :smile:
In my case, I screwed up with some non-OEM products that took her down for a week or so while we figured out what I did. And my DH helped, which resulted in another week down. But she’s been back in business since and going strong.

(I’m just a little more careful about what I use in her now.)

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Care to share, as a possible warning ?:upside_down_face:

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Posted it when it happened. (Have you ever known me to not warn you guys?) :smile:

Those little bits of flaming kamikaze paper and glue adhered to the fan blades, knocking the fan out of balance. Which led to DH shoving the gantry too far forward too hard during the cleanout process, which stretched the high voltage cable under the gantry and caused homing problems.

All of which could have been avoided if I had engaged my brain prior to engaging the laser. :roll_eyes:

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Sorry, Jules, I think I was mid Atlantic when you posted, and have been somewhat absent since.
But back now, so watch out for the :upside_down_face:
Should have added ‘back now’ as reading posts ! Actually in UK for what I trust is my final visit before the green card interview, probably August.

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