About Changing the address From USA to Hong Kong

I entered the US address at the beginning. And I would like to ship to Hong Kong now.
Will Glowforge send Email for me before the shipment?
And how can I Change the address and pay the new shipping cost?


Before yours ships, they will email you to get your shipping address


THX Mike.
They would ship to the US first?
So I will get the mail this week?

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No. they’re sending out non-production units first and these are US only. Even if you do get an email for a pre-release laser cutter, because they think yours ships to the US, you won’t be able to have it sent to Hong Kong.

When your production unit ships, sometime between December or March depending on when you ordered, they’ll send an email out asking for your address. You’ll probably be able to pay the shipping then, though emailing support@glowforge.com will give you a definitive answer.