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how do you know how to set the depth on the laser cut. Cutting all the through?


Welcome to the community :slight_smile: If you have follow-up questions go ahead and start a new topic in this section and people can then help more specifically

The height you set (or use the set focus button to find) is the depth of the material - the top of the crumb tray is 0, so 1/4" material is set at .25 so the laser will focus at the top of the material
Whether it cuts through is a function of power and speed. The pre-sets for ProofGrade (:proofgrade:) materials is a great starting point even if you’re not using :proofgrade: - find one that’s similar to your wood and start there
When you’re done cutting, open the lid and while holding down your material carefully try to lift the thing you cut - if it didn’t cut all the way through, close the lid and run the exact same cut again (don’t move anything) to increase likelihood of cutting through

You’ll find on here where people have successfully cut through 1/2" materials, and some of them have done a 2nd run at a lower focus point (so the 1st one is at .5, but the 2nd is at .25, but that’s not to increase the likelihood of cutting through, it’s to decrease the width of the cut

Does that make sense?