Account Details for repair/Refurbish?

I sent Puff on his way before Christmas back to the Brood Nest for a revival and have received just one notice that it arrived at the end of December. There were many big and small issues that I hope will be addressed from dead exhaust fan that really needs a better way to clean, to iffy connections of the lid to the laser tube itself that is still working but I am not sure how much of its life remains.

The Account Details has the expectation that I will be getting the filter by April but it would be nice to have that page also include information on the expectations about the repair estimates of both time and issues that have been discovered. I understand the pestering and spending time talking or explaining about repairs interferes with getting the repairs done but short reports as to the state of the situation would be nice and ease a lot of anxiety just as the delivery date of the new equipment is helped, and would not take up too much dedicated time,


Was this for Warranty replacement or Repairs that you’re paying out of pocket for?

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Then it’s likely you’ll not get any notices until a refurbished unit shows up on your doorstep :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. We have completed the repair of your unit, and I just followed up in an email with tracking information, so I’m going to close this thread.