Accuracy of focus

I am feeling frustrated about the accuracy of focus on my machine. I have wasted so much materials because of this. I have run calibration tests. Please help!

Have you used the camera recalibrator?

Is this different from the issue you posted about earlier?

I’m going to the other one.

No. I thought I was told to post it under support.

Hello and, welcome.

You did post your original inquiry in the support section, which opened a support ticket with Glowforge. Someone else jumped into the thread saying they had the same problem and, someone else suggested they post their own, separate support ticket. You now have two support tickets for the same issue.

I am not sure what you mean by “calibration tests.” Several people have asked if you have performed the lid camera calibration process, which is detailed here:

If you have and, it was successful, it looks like either you didn’t do it correctly or, that there is a problem with your machine that Glowforge will have to address. They will eventually respond to your first thread, then to this one. It may take up to 3 days, according to what they usually say about response times.


I see you already posted about this in another thread and are getting help there, so I’ll close this now.