Acrylic 8-bit Heart Necklace

This is a fairly easy thing to design, once I clean up my files I will likely post everything in the free designs section. SVG files are available here: 8-bit Zelda Style Pixel Heart Necklace

My kids school has a tradition of “handmade” valentines. As we designed and made test cuts, it became obvious we needed a “jig” to help with fabrication.

There are cutouts for the chain and magnets which help to hold it together once fully assembled.


Well now, how cool is that! Quite a unique clasp design. Does it hold together very tightly?

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Very creative. The jig can be my valentine. :heartbeat:


The clasp is 3 layers of 1/8in acrylic, with a staggered finger joint. I ordered various magnets and found that using 3 worked best. It’s qty 1 - 3x1mm & qty 2 - 2x1mm, they are 0.75mm from the edge, so 1.5mm apart. Its strong enough to hold in most situations (my kids wore it out without losing it) but any kid should be able to open and close it.


Very attractive and innovative design!

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Very nice! And it reminds me that Valentine’s Day is coming up pdq…I’d better get cracking! :sunglasses::+1:


Slacker. And they say guys are the late-to-the-party folks :slight_smile:

I did my laser project for her a couple of weeks ago - that’s when I discovered the head assist fan issue. Did a metal plasma project cut this weekend and started to paint it last night. One color was fine but the other was a used up can (gummed up nozzle & no propellant) I had just bought at HD. :frowning: I hate when people return things used & the returns desk doesn’t check before they put it back on the shelf. So forever forward now I’ll be removing the tops of spray paint cans to see if they’re good before I buy them.


Oh that sux. (Not something I ever thought of either.) :neutral_face:


I would have finished it last night. Now I have to go out in a winter storm to get it replaced. Just irritating.

I could have tried powdercoating it but I haven’t done a lot of that yet with 2 colors and I was looking for a glitter effect that I don’t have powders for right now. So rattle can was the best option. Just didn’t count on jerks :wink:

I used to be a holiday-eve shopper but now that I make things I’m more of a planner :blush:


I wouldn’t call myself a planner but felt VERY early buying V-cards for my wife today instead of Wednesday night or Thursday :slight_smile:


But if you do it after work on the 14th, on your way home, it’s so much easier: there is only one left to buy. The decision has been made for you.


:smiley: I bought hers a couple of weeks ago - and it was hard finding just one. Lots of creativity out there.

On the other hand, maybe the selection and creativity was always there but by the time the night before came around all the good stuff was gone so it was easier to find the only one that seemed to fit…

That’s how I used to do Christmas Eve. I always soffed at the amateur Eve shoppers - they still thought they could get selection in sizes and colors and options so would be asking the sales staff to “look in the back” for something else. No clue. You have to swoop in, take what works, ignore the rest and get to the register. :slight_smile:


Very cool idea!! Thanks for sharing!

Not your typical heart … Nice!

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