Acrylic "Button" Ornaments

Have fun making these! I threaded a needle and tied that thread to my ribbon to pull the ribbon through. Worked like a charm, and made doing all this infinitely easier than trying to push a ribbon through a small hole. Let me know what you thread it with! You could really use anything you want: ribbon, cord, twine, etc.


You can see what they look like HERE


This is awesome, thank you for sharing. :christmas_tree:

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Thanks for sharing this with us. I would enjoy cutting everything out, but my mind wanders when it is time to thread the ribbon through each piece. As I age, threading any needle becomes a challenge. Do you have a special trick for getting the ribbon through the holes? I’m thinking elastic cording might be kind of fun, and if making these with kids I might consider waxed cording or something with some rigidity to it.


I’ll add this to the first post as well, but what I did was threaded a needle with regular thread, and then tied that to the ribbon. It was then really easy to pull the ribbon through. But since you said a needle could be difficult for you, I don’t see there being an issue with something stiffer like paracord or elastic cords.


Thank you! I wanted to make these!!


Thanks for putting this up for us!

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Thank you for this! Could be useful for repairing clothing as well.


Think of the fun buttons you could put on shirts now!

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What a great idea - personalized buttons! Thanks for the share.


FYI, I own a needlework shop and a GF. A 1mm hole made on a GF will let a #26 Tapestry needle pass through it. These needles have elongated eyes and a blunt tip. It’s what we use for cross stitch and needlepoint where there are holes in the fabric. Cut the ribbon at an angle and thread it through the eye. Much easier than a sewing needle like a sharp or between, which have very small eyes. You can usually find packages at the craft stores if you don’t have a needlework shop in your area.


Good to know. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for sharing your file!

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