Acrylic Cancer bookmark


I would like to make this. It is a acrylic bookmark. Not sure how to even go about this.
I could use some expert advice or guidance please.


That wasn’t made with a laser, but you can make something pretty similar. Buy some gold colored acrylic in 1/16" thickness, cut the shape, and engrave the blue parts. Then fill in the engraving with a baby blue or periwinkle colored paint before removing the masking tape.


There are some paperclip/bookmarks in the catalog. I would suggest making one of them so you can see how they work, then follow @dan84 's advice above. It shouldn’t be difficult.


if you can find a design with a cancer ribbon, you could make an outline for it and then connect the top part. It would need to be created in some type of software though. (Do you use any software to make designs currently?)


No. I am sorry not sure how to do that

If you don’t know how to use any design software, you could hand draw the shape with a black sharpee on white paper and use the trace function to cut it out of gold acrylic. Then you would have to paint in the center detail as Trace only allows you to cut. I would suggest you should try Inkscape as a design software. It is free and there are some great tutorials online to help you learn. Try Logos by Nick tutorials.


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