Acrylic Champagne Wall Flute Holder File

Hi guys! I am new to glowforge and still haven’t quite figured out choosing the correct settings for different projects. I’m having an event and would love to cut out flute holders to DIY a champagne wall. Has anyone ever tried this? Would you be willing to share tips? Thank you in advance!


Welcome to the fun house!

That looks like 1/4" acrylic, what glowforge calls “thick acrylic” in their proofgrade settings. Acrylic comes in two main flavors, cast and extruded. Cast is what you want, which is the stuff glowforge sells. Theirs is also masked, which is important to protect the surfaces.

You want to do all the cutting before the right-angle bend is made. I would do that with a heat gun with the acrylic hanging over an edge. Warm enough, and gravity will do the rest.

Enjoy your adventure!


Thank you so much!

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I hate to contradict you, but I really think that is 1/8” acrylic (“medium” Proofgrade), which would be a lot easier to work with.

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They also sell a bit of Nichrome wire in a protected surface that you can lay under a piece of acrylic and get a perfect bend.
or they also have tweezer-like things…

I wasn’t sure, but against the fingers for scale it looks thicker than 1/8" to me.

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