Acrylic Chicago Screw Box

Using my Chicago screw technique, this is a classic box demo held together with four screws.

Acrylic Chicago Screw example source :

Chicago Screw Box


These are great since me and acrylic solvent just do not get along. (At all.) Keep showing alternatives! :sunglasses: :+1:


Wow, game changer. Thanks

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I made the other sample one with a chicago screw and it looks great. I had to tweak it though, as I only have one size of the screws and it was too short for your original design. I knew this fastener would work really well to create a box…and here it is! Good work!

Yeah, that acrylic weld #4–syringes (vet/medical grade) make application so much easier than the squeeze bottle!), but even so, the mechanical joints are great as they are not as permanent!


This is SO true! And of course as soon as I realized it, immediately flashed back to other things where I completely made a mess trying to use the squeeze bottle.

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This is great! Thank you!

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