Perpendicular Join with Chicago Screw

This is my second favored perpendicular joint, using a Chicago screw. Similar to Acrylic Screw/Spring Pin combination. Easier to implement in tight spaces. Nice flat screw head.


Fastening 2


Very clever!


please describe the mating features. very cool

The attached svg is pretty illustrative. It’s the small red bit.

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i missed that , very small, bad eyes.

Cool design!

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Yeah I had to zoom.

Apologies. That’s just the way the SVG preview shows. It’s to scale and to tolerance for friction hold to aid assembly.

You can edit the post and resize it. There are dimensions in the tag just put a couple zeroes on each dimension.


If you edit your post you can change the size of the displayed SVG.

For example, if it says something like this:

Simply adjust the size (e.g., 52x78) to make it bigger:

Just try to keep the aspect ratio consistent. (Multiply both numbers by the same amount. Appending a zero to each to multiply by 10 is the easiest thing to do.)

With JPEG or PNG the forum uses the actual pixel dimensions of the original bitmap, so the default size is nearly always reasonable. But with SVG the forum often does a bad job of choosing size. I think it doesn’t understand that SVG files often set the bounding box in units such as mm or inches. I’ve seen it try to display a 20"×12" SVG as 20 pixels by 12 pixels, which is ridiculously tiny on a modern display.


You’re posting practical items (which I love), but they all so innately beautiful to me. Ah, the beauty of clearly cut acrylic and metal. Be still my heart.


Oh, that’s great – thanks for posting this! You could also engrave the area of the screw head to make it flush. :slight_smile:

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There is an old post about digital joints that has some of these joint types illustrated, this is a good companion.


Nice share!

I love this. Simple but useful.

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