Acrylic flashback prevention

@nunzioc and @Tom_A had suggestions for preventing flashback on the honeycomb onto acrylic. Tom suggested using newspaper under the proof grade 1/8" clear acrylic.

There was much discussion on whether to use wet newspaper, cardboard, fruit rollups, or the The Solemn Declaration on European Union (probably won’t be needing that much longer?). Figuring a flight to Brussels was a tad expensive (although there is that amazing Beer ice cream sampler at Spinnekopke and the incredible chocolates at Dando)

I went with last saturday’s sports page. So first off you see the absorbed flashback marks all over the newspaper (which cuts really well under the acrylic. Good luck picking up the tiny bits from the tabs!

And here you see the two pieces (Green with newsprint Red without)


I just covered the printable area of my bed in tape. Seems to be working well. I can use it to make sure alignment is on beforehand too. Run a score around the edge of the engraving, then place the piece in the lines. I did this a lot on my k40 and was hoping it would be unnecessary on the glowforge, but it’s even more necessary now.


So, wow! Thanks for the testing! Looks like we have a super-cheap, super-thin winner?


They still print newspapers? I really enjoyed the old rituals of a newspaper, especially the Sunday paper. I guess this is a solution we’ll need a replacement for soon.

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Read the Boston Globe every morning. Online news doesn’t have the same “discovery” aspect, since it tries to tailor itself to your wants, rather than seeing a broad spectrum of stories, some of which I ignore since they have little relevance to me, while other local ones I’d never know about and have been critical.


No arguments about that, but the papers around here are nothing more than the AP’s most popular stories. If the Globe is still a paper, that’s great for you.